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FREE seminars in your office! We offer a FREE 3 CE credit course on handpiece maintenance to our clients. Get your staff up to speed at our expense! A value of $59 per person! 

Maintenance Procedures – Highspeeds

1. Externally clean with soap and water only
   • No disinfectants, no ultrasonic cleaning
2. Lubricate in the drive air port only
   • Do not use a cleaner unless specified by the manufacturer
   • Use sufficient lubricant, see the oil come out the head
   • Use the appropriate swivel adaptor for the handpiece
3. Run the handpiece to expel excess oil
   • Always run with a bur in the chuck
4. Clean Fiber Optic Surfaces
5. Bag and Sterilize
   • Paper side up for evaporation
   • Never use dry heat
   • Remove bur prior to sterilization 
   • Close levers on Midwest handpieces when applicable
6. Always allow the drying cycle to finish
   • Store handpieces in bags paper side up

Maintenance Procedures – Lowspeed Motors

1. Lubricate twice a week or as specified by the manufacturer at the following points:
   • Forward and reverse valve 
   • Drive air port 
   • Attachment port 
   • Speed change ring on Shorty and Tru-Torq 2 speeds 
2. Clean the threads with alcohol and a paper towel

Maintenance Procedures – Lowspeed Attachments & Angles

1. Lubricate once a day or as specified by the manufacturer
2. Break down the angles to lubricate gears

Maintenance Procedures – Air Scalers

1. Lubricate once a day if autoclaving in the drive air or back end. Do not over lubricate

Print a copy of our Maintenance Step-by-Step Guide here! (Download PDF Maintenance Guide)